the human world (technology, language, ideology) is a process of nature, influenced by nature, progressing increasingly faster as it demands itself to progress. this complexity ladder simultaneously creates methods and venues of communication while isolating individuals from each other through echo chambers and a reliance on "connectivity" (read: internet points often matter more than real life points).

there are more domains than existed ever before for events to occur within, and more is happening within these domains that at any previous time. more happened in the last year of life than in a million years of life existing some time ago. as more happens, more experiences are created, and more boundaries are blurred between categories such as nature and "technology," political aisles, gendered thought, social classes. these are all epigenetic changes: the evolution of post-biology processes. the fact that these elements of life are part of our evolutionary process is evidence of the increasing speed of conscious time (time experienced by beings who are able to process the idea of time passage via the comparison of different patterns in life).

all of the event points experienced by an individual (momentary evidence of the passage of time) proceed onward to further event points, related to the previous events of space-time "history" and yet new for themselves. universal repetition, individual novelty. humans create change in near everything we do, to the point we have moved beyond simple biological processes as our life experience. this proves our "importance" in the universe as "divine" life. a "lower" being cannot interface with augmented reality (technology) the way we can.

whether this actually "means" anything is inconsequential, for now, but what we can learn from this is that every moment should be lived as a unique event, that decisions should be influenced by the "past" we are able to perceive, and that if we are hung up on things such as categorical discrimination as a species, we are fundamentally missing the point of the grandest gift of all.