what is existence?

on an elemental, physical level, we do not "exist." energy interfaces with energy to form things we call "objects," "bodies," or "light."

on a subatomic level, nothing touches unless bound together by electrostatic force, meaning what we consider to be a solid material is actually just electrical energy holding charge in a structured way that repels the charge of other material. well, this begs the question, if we are but holograms, what is consciousness?

synapses send and receive electrical current to and from each other, connecting energy flows and creating a collective idea of what "experience" is, thus informing our understanding of "life."

the "problem," then, is this: there is no physical component of consciousness. every perception of every experience is energy moving about a webbed space-time in an ever-more-complex universe.

if everything we experience is informed by our senses, and our senses are

1) subjective, and
2) energy interfacing with other energy via the universal web,

then it seems reasonable to say existence is nothing more than the holographic universe experiencing itself. in any case, we're here experiencing it. all you can do is be kind, and hold on for the ride.

we are it, it is we, i am you and you are me. beyond the infinite? we are the infinite.