cybernetic evolution

nature begets technology: technology is nature.

information technology compresses the events of the universe-up-to-now into something accessible at any moment, thus turning space-time events into a false eternity. information is not constrained by the same limits as "physical" life. if an event can be experienced by anyone at any time, does the experience have novelty? or do beings experience novelty on an individual scale? if this is the case, then the goal of each human life should be to experience as novel a life as possible.

once the biological processes of life are understood and pushed to their limits, it is only logical that nature (human ideology) desires to progress beyond its current capability. society in general has come to this idea subconsciously (as evidenced by the global adoption and subsequent social necessity of the smartphone), but largely has yet to realize and integrate the notion that this is simply a step in the process of human evolution. while worries of privacy and data-sharing loom over the modern world, and rightly so, a fear of technology in the day of smartphones and augmented/alternate reality may as well be a fear of evolution, education, progress, and life itself.

in order to further our understanding of life and its processes, the next step beyond spiritual/social life experiences is to interface with the aspects of the world that we created and use them in a way that progresses our human experience. we can educate ourselves on anything at any time, track our state of being, physically and electronically interface with new senses and bodily functions, take substances to improve our current bodily functions, take substances to provide alternative means of understanding and experiencing the world around us. we have pushed society near to the point of post-biology.

the shame of this all is in the ways ungrateful people have pointed the evolutionary process in the "wrong" direction in order to prevent people from wanting to accept the evolutionary process which leads down the "right" path. i fear that those victims will not be able to cope with their life circumstances when they are "left behind" by their lack of understanding or lack of adaptability to the internet age. society is too different from what it was even 20 years ago.

to be [human]/[machine] is to be nature. nature abhors a standstill, and forces the confluence of its processes.