17 july 2023


what's this? a new blog post???
let's see, what have i been up to lately?

last night was the full moon, so i created a jar for holding moon water. it felt nice doing something magical for once. i say i'll do stuff like that and never end up doing it. i should invest more time into performing rituals.

i've been getting scam calls like crazy, several every day. i hope one day the government figures out how to stop that.

i listened to a lot of psytrance today. i've been pretty into that since seeing infected mushroom live. i was before, but i have a renewed interest now.

movies i've seen for the first time recently include memento, the royal tenenbaums, a man called otto, and the king of staten island. you can read my reviews for all of them on my letterboxd, but the main point is, memento was incredible. i can't really say anything about it or else it'll spoil it but if you haven't seen it, make it a point to. tonight i believe i'm watching possum (2018), a british psychological horror film. i don't know anything about it.

in the little time i've had for gaming, i downloaded quake (1996) a bit ago and have been loving it. i think part of it is that in my opinion, modern video games largely miss the charm and ease of play that older games have. very few games come out anymore with these simple instructions: start [here], walk through each level and blast some enemies, fight boss and win the game. everything nowadays tries too hard to be an "epic" game. they include buttons for actions that aren't *really* necessary, or they're built as an open world with "quests" where you're just walking across the map to fetch an object (or worse, information). these largely (there are exceptions) have no soul, they're just walking simulators with enemies and leveling systems. bring back level-by-level domination and no-frills content. side note, i'll have to pick up doom, as i hear it has a similar vibe to quake.

this one was long, but that's all i have for now. have a good one!