16 august 2023


i recently took the time to set up a website at my firstnamelastname.com domain in a business-card style, basically just explaining who I am and my experience. very indie dev web. it feels good having a slightly-more-professional front i can show people, and it's fun making a site that isn't so strict in structure (text-only, small pages, etc).

i decided i'm going to make it more of a point to write for the sake of writing. this website is a digital garden, after all, and it needs to be filled out like one. right now it is kind of sparse. additionally, i should have substance behind my web personality, and the only way to do that is to express what goes on in your head. i enjoy reading, and i enjoy blogging like this even though i sometimes feel i don't have all that much to say, but hardly ever have i written something besides blog/journal-style tellings of my life. lyrics for a song here or there, and the occasional poem over many years, but nothing of note, so now i'm going to take the idea a little more seriously. most things will be variously posted here as part of the garden, and i'll probably create specific pages to provide a definitive link to each poem and to host creative fiction. i may mirror some of these creative writing pages on my real-name-domain.

end note: i used to dislike sparkling water but lately have begun enjoying it. my favorite so far is possibly topo chico, though lime perrier is also very good. today i had tangerine flavor la croix, and while it wasn't my favorite i enjoyed it a fair amount more than my previous interactions with the brand.