the better currency

if you have to make payments over the web, you should use monero when possible.

benefits of using monero compared to other cryptocurrencies include:

  1. it is fungible, meaning every block mined is on equal footing as far as value and no blocks can be considered "undesirable" based on its previous uses/owners
  2. there is no maximum supply; the ability to mine indefinitely means there is less inflation, meaning more usability in practical applications
  3. it is unable to be mined via asic miners, meaning better decentralization (marginally)
  4. transactions are unlinkable and untraceable on the opaque blockchain, providing relatively true anonymity rather than there being a fair amount of pseudonymous info provided
  5. the community is generally more focused on actually using the coin as a currency than on treating it like a stock to be sold to make a quick buck

i am not a "crypto bro," per se. i simply believe in a more private, more "free" internet, created and maintained by its users rather than megacorporations. in order to achieve this, the users must enable the use of exchangeable currency which is not produced by nor traced/tracked by a government entity. other cryptocurrencies have attempted this, but none have gone to the extent monero has to preserve user privacy.

it's also really easy to get a monero wallet from and throw the link on your website to get some passive income, so why not do it?