i like forums because they retain the feel of the internet before modern social media got to it.

forums listed here are relatively active, english-dominant, and within my general interests.

forum description
4chan you know what this is
agora road small general forum with a vaporwave theme aviation
ambient online ambient music, field recording
basement community small general forum
bluelight drugs, focuses on harm reduction
bus stop text board with 24 hour post life
craigslist general forum, many topics
delphi forums thousands of user-made forums
erowid vaults detailed drug experience reports
free sound audio engineering, sound design
game faqs video games
gearspace audio engineering, music production
lainchan image board focused on tech and cyberpunk media
lines music general
newgrounds gaming, digital art, internet culture
reset era gaming
something awful general, tech, visual media
sound design se sound design, field recording
sound on sound audio, the music production industry
stack overflow programming/development help
ultimate guitar guitars and music
web sleuths crime investigation